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California Energy Wise Foodservice Equipment Rebates
· California utilities work together to provide rebates for qualifying foodservice   equipment to their customers.
· Rebate applications are specific to each utility, see links below for the proper forms.

Be Energy Wise

Rebate Specifications:
· Commercial Foodservice
  Appliance Qualification   Requirements

Rebates Available For:
· Combination Ovens
· Convection Ovens
· Rack Ovens Ovens
· Conveyor Ovens
· Deck Ovens
· Steam Cookers
· Fryers
· Griddles
· Refrigerators & Freezers
· Ice Machines: Air Cooled
· Insulated Holding Cabinets
· Demand Controlled Ventilation
· Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
California Energy Wise Rebate Updates:

8/01/2015 - PG&E Increases Incentive Amounts for Combi Ovens and Steamers

8/01/2015 - PG&E Adds Low Flow Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Measure

7/15/2015 - Ice Machines Must be Listed in the California Energy Commission (CEC) Database
Rebate Questions?
PG&E Customers:
(800) 468-4743

SoCal Edison Customers:
(626) 812-7666

SoCalGas Customers:
(562) 803-7323

SDG&E Customers:
(800) 336-7343

Water Rebates
- Custom Water Rebates

Qualified Product Lists
(Non-California Customers)
- Qualified Product Lists
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