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Pre-Rinse Spray Valves

A low-flow pre-rinse spray valve is one of the easiest and most cost effective energy saving devices available to the foodservice operator.

In addition to minimizing water consumption, water heating energy and sewer charges are also reduced. Replacing a typical spray valve that flows up to three gallons of water per minute (gpm) with a low-flow unit can yield the following results:

Hours of Spray Valve Usage Water Savings
Waste Water Savings
Gas Savings
Annual Dollar Savings
1 hour/day 60
$300 - $350
2 hours/day 120
$600 - $700
3 hours/day 180
$900 - $1050
Table shows results based on spray valve water savings of 1 gallon per minute, water cost of $2.00 per unit (748 gallons), sewer cost of 3.00 per unit (748 gallons), and gas cost of $1.00 per therm.

The FSTC recommends a pre-rinse spray valve with a flow rate of 1.6 gallons per minute or less, and with a cleanability performance of 26 seconds per plate or less, based on the ASTM Standard Test Method for Performance of Pre-Rinse Spray Valves.

The following pre-rinse spray valves have been verified by the FSTC to meet this criteria:
(Click any model for the test summary)

- BK Resources PRV-1
- Bricor B064 PRV
- Bricor B074 PRV
- Bricor B084 PRV
- Bricor B094 PRV
- Bricor B095NS
- Chicago Faucet 90-LABCP
- Component Hardware Group KL50-Y002-16
- Encore KN50-Y002-12
- Encore KN50-Y103 & Y104 (Straight Stream)
- Encore KN50-Y103 & Y104 (25 degree Fan Position)
- Encore KN50-Y103 & Y104 (15 degree Fan Position)
- Fisher Ultra-Spray 2949 & 71307
- Fisher 10197 & 13641
- Krowne Metal Water Saver 21-129L
- Meisheng M0098SV-065G
- Meisheng M0098SV-124G
- Meisheng M0098SV-142G
- Meisheng M0098SV1-124G
- Niagara N2180
- Strahman Kwik-Clean 3 (Straight Spray)
- Strahman Kwik-Clean 3 (5 Degree Fan Position)
- Strahman Kwik-Clean 3 (15 Degree Fan Position)
- Strahman Kwik-Clean 3 (Tri Tip Position)
- Strahman Kwik-Clean II
- Strahman Vari-Spray
- T&S B-0107
- T&S EB-0107-C
- T&S B-0107-C
- T&S B-0107-C & EB-0107-C (60 Plate Test)
- T&S Equip 5SV
- T&S Equip 5SV-C
- T&S JetSpray B-0108
- T&S JetSpray B-0108-C
- T&S B-2108
- Zurn Z80000-PR1

The Federal Government has issued guidelines for its facilities when purchasing pre-rinse spray valves. These guidelines, published by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) can be followed by any facility interested in energy efficiency and conservation.
The FEMP pre-rinse spray valve recommendation is here.