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Fisher-Nickel, Inc.

» Fisher-Nickel, Inc. Aquired by GTI International

Fisher-Nickel, Inc. [FNI] is an engineering consulting firm owned by GTI International. Fisher-Nickel, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 and specializes in energy efficiency in commercial kitchens.

FNI Team
Fisher-Nickel, Inc. employs a diverse team of engineers, analysts, researchers and technicians with a shared passion for energy-efficiency and a desire to share their knowledge to further educate the commercial foodservice industry on the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies. » FNI Team

Outside Services
Fisher-Nickel, Inc. offers services outside of PG&E's service territory. These services are fee-based and include site-surveys and site-survey training, energy efficiency educational seminars and training and facility design and equipment specification assistance.

Employment Opportunities
We are always interested in talking to motivated, technical-minded individuals about joining the FNI team. Please send any inquiries to .
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FNI in the News:
California Energy Commission Approves $13 Million in Grants for Natural Gas Technologies and Advances in Biofuels
Read the Release Here: energy.ca.gov

Fisher-Nickel, Inc. team
The FNI Team:
Wes Andrews
Todd Bell
Lexie Brown
Kiana Caban
Pablo Campos
Adam Cornelius
David Cowen
Rodney Davis
Amin Delagah
Elan Frantz
Andre Hookfin
Angelo Karas

Michael Karsz
Denis Livchak
Linda Martinelli
Edward Ruan
Janel Rupp
Kong Sham
Greg Sorensen
Rich Swierczyna
Richard Young
David Zabrowski
Frank Zappettini