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Fisher Nickel, Inc. is the leader in energy research and sustainability for the commercial foodservice industry. Fisher Nickel's expert consultants provide integrated solutions through new technologies, improved equipment design and operational innovation.

So what is the relationship between the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) and Fisher Nickel, Inc? Pacific Gas and Electric Company owns the FSTC, and Fisher Nickel, Inc operates the FSTC for PG&E:

Fisher-Nickel, Inc. team
The FNI Team:
Wes Andrews
Todd Bell
Kiana Caban
David Cowen
Rodney Davis
Amin Delagah
Mark Finck
Andre Hookfin

Angelo Karas
Michael Karsz
Denis Livchak
Linda Martinelli
Monica Molana
Claudia Pingatore
Karen Ravipaty
Jenny Ritchie
Edward Ruan

Janel Rupp
Michael Slater
Greg Sorensen
Rich Swierczyna
Richard Young
David Zabrowski
Frank Zappettini
FNI in the News:
California Energy Commission Approves $13 Million in Grants for Natural Gas Technologies and Advances in Biofuels
Read the Release Here: energy.ca.gov

Now Hiring
We are current looking for applicants to fill the following positions:

Junior Engineer
Field Technician
Facilities Technician

Any questions on job openings can be send to .